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Hi all!

I know I haven't posted here in awhile. I haven't forgotten about you.

I hope Ning is running stable for you. I've been keeping up with news on creators and I feel justified that my move to social engine php was a good one. Not because of the performance of Ning, but because of a part of what I am aiming for with the future of software volunteer work.

I still think Ning is a company that has recently delivered bad management practices since it was bought by glam mode media. The customers on the other hand, spread out through so many different networks, are what keeps me looking at updates from time to time. More importantly, its our collective success that makes networks like this one thrive. Even if sometimes we don't always see it.

I have made a lot of friends on Ning, more so than any other platform. I have made friends on other platforms, branching forward into the interest of other companies. Mainly social engine through git hub. I've been tracking the progress of companies work over the past year and have found that many companies, phpfox, dolphin, elgg, oxwall, apart from word press are all looking for a fresh start.

With product development in progress, I've found that my many contributions over the years helps to improve ideas for new releases. Because of this, I'm also working with companies known to you such as comet chat, to make experiences more stream lined and integrated. I feel that moving away from social media has its advantages for sure, which is one reason why I've decided to help improve other products mainly as a focus, but also using social engine for my main site.

You are welcome to check out what I've done with the website by visiting here. http://starseeds.co You are welcome to sign up if you wish to.

I hope you are all doing well. Know my thoughts are with you.

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Hi Elshara!

Thanks for dropping by and updating us on what's new in your world!  It sounds like you are learning so many things, which is always good.  I took a brief look at your site, it looks nice!

Best wishes!


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Thank you so much! For the excellent feedback.

I've missed you. How are things? I'm honestly really happy to see this place is still up. You're a great friend.

I would make a git hub page just for you and other Ning creators just because it would be worth it as a contribution in my opinion to the best community around. When I'm here I feel complete in some way.

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