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"If I should stay, I will only be in your wayyyyyyyyyyyyy.

So I go, but I know, I will think of you...."


Really Whitney?! Were you really bidding me goodbye?

In my naivety "so I go" I always thought was a big  lie.

But now like sudden rain on a sunny day,

Like sudden darkness in a well-lit room,

You, the idol of all idols, motionless lay,

In a way that brings nothing but doom.


What a message on the eve of the Grammys!

A great festival for an art you epitomize,

The same institution that coronated you,

Where millions of fans yearn for you,

Looking up to Whitney's promised love,

But now instead, shedding tears of love.


How could those eyes of yours shut?

How could that mouth of yours shut?

How could that voice of yours go mute?

How could you do this to Bobby Brown?

How could you do this to Bobbi Kristin?

How could you do this to me your fan?


You were the inspiration youths wanted.

You were everything music lovers wanted.

You were not tall and you were not short.

You were not fat and you were not slim.

You were not perfect, but who is perfect?

You were not ready, but it was your time.


So finally with death you fell in love,

And finally with us you bid farewell.

In Body Guard, you taught us love,

And at the airport you bid farewell.

But something brought you back; love,

And then you bid farewell to farewell.


So now you want us to bid you farewell.

Or let's say you want to bid us farewell.

Should I hope, while in that hated box,

As we stand and wave farewell in tears,

You will step out and with love run to us,

Swearing your sweet love for us always.


But knowing how wicked death is.

I don't want to hope for a kiss.

I'd rather you rest in peace.

Kiss the most high,

And you'll always

Be high.



Emotionally written by Denis DNT

Shanghai, Feb. 13th 2012.




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Comment by Denis on February 14, 2012 at 10:02pm

Thanks for reading. On my network we have set her song to play automatically for everyone for one week as a tribute to her.

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Comment by TJ @ jQueryHelp on February 14, 2012 at 1:06am

I was very sad to hear about Whitney.   This is a nice farewell poem to her.  Thanks for sharing it here with us!  It is now Valentine's Day where I am and we must remember to tell the ones we care about, that we do care.  No one is guaranteed a tomorrow.  Live and love for today.

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