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I have successfully made a web application for my network

Hello jQuery Helpers,

I haven't written a blog here for a long time now but today I thought I should share this little achievement with you. I have successfully made a web application for my network. The application is called MyEENews. If downloaded and installed on any Android smart phone, you can then have an icon on the phone screen that connects you to the mobile version of my network automatically when touched. I built this application thanks to a website called Apps Geyser. With my little technical know-how, It took me sometime to figure it out but I finally did. The folks there at their support community are good. I recommend this website to you dear friends. Sign up. It's free and you will quickly find your way around. The only downside my application has is that it doesn't work on iphones. However I still see a great advantage in having this development because very few of our mobile website version users are comfortable with the idea of having to type the url + /m into their browsers every time they want to visit our website. It's great to have an icon that connects to your website with one touch. Let me share with you how my icon looks. I know it doesn't look cute enough but I have to make do with it for now. If someone like me could come up with this I bet Ning could have made this for us may be as a click-and-add feature. Okay no whining here.

Further development: When I succeeded in building this, it kept me excited for a whole day and I woke up the next morning wanting more. I realized that the website mentioned above provided a way to distribute applications and even monetize them. So I got on Google again searching until I found a way to create and conveniently distribute my QR code in all formats (embeddable html, png image, etc). There are several websites that do that. Here is one. These websites offer a little more than Apps Geyser. They focus more on helping you advertise your website using the QR technology. So, slowly and steadily, I figured out things again, generated my QR code and added it to my web application. Let me share with you how it looks: This little black square box you see leads you to my network in seconds. All you have to do is scan the QR code if you have a QR reader app on your cellphone. Once you scan it, you get an introduction to my network that shows up with an install button prompting you to install. If you do touch on that button your android cellphone downloads and installs the application MyEENews on to your cellphone to allow you easy access to my website. If you have an Android phone try scanning this QR code to the left.

Having this added to my application helps in easy publicity as you can easily send it to any friend on your phone contact list.

So that made my day again. I can upload this image everywhere I want, print it out on my business cards, flyers, bags, caps, T-shirts, whatever and whoever scans it has my application on his or her cellphone. What's more, you can run ads if your web app gets popular. They recommend at least 100 installs for you to get ads space. You split the profits with them.

This is my little achievement I felt excited to share with you dear friends here. To IT gurus it might be something to laugh at but for someone my age and with very limited IT knowledge, it is a milestone. If you do try or have tried this venture, share your experience here. If you have some more tips to help develop this further please share. I am particularly worried about two things: Getting it to work on iphones and finding more ways to market it.

Thank you for reading.

Shanghai, March 7th, 2013.

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Comment by Denis on March 28, 2013 at 10:39pm

great, it was a good thing I asked then. My network is for students learning English as a second language and ESL teachers. It's at www.myeeonline.com. We might have one or two things to learn from each other.

Comment by Julie Clarke on March 28, 2013 at 8:14pm
Hi Denis,

I am creating a network for school & university class groups.

Comment by Denis on March 27, 2013 at 11:00pm

Thank you Julie for reading. I hope you can build one for your network eventually. What's your network about?

Comment by Julie Clarke on March 26, 2013 at 4:02pm

Hi Denis,

Congratulations ! I havent tried this myself yet, as I'm just starting up, but enjoyed your blog. Thank you for sharing your experience.




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