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Hello my Members and Friends!

The goal of http://jQueryHelp.ning.com/ is to provide some free assistance to our members for some questions about using jQuery on Ning Networks.  Note the two instances of the word "some" in the last sentence!  I am blogging today to address both concepts.

Okay, I will do the second one first.  I can answer some questions but not all.  Why?  Several reasons.  Some are easy to answer and test to make sure they work here, so I answer them.  But some of the questions I get in the forum and via messages and IMs are complex!  I have bills to pay like everyone else and I can only spare a certain amount of time each week to answering questions for free.  The more involved issues require apps of varying complexity and I'll be happy to discuss with you the fees I would charge to implement the solutions you desire.

Another reason I only answer some questions is because I may be involved in developing a app to do what you want, but it's not ready to be discussed yet!  You'll read about new apps from time to time in the forum.

Finally, your question may require a solution that is outside of my skill set.  But we have nearly 1000 members here, with about 50 active members, and they may have a solution.  I encourage all visitors to look at what others are asking in the forum and if you can provide help, please do!

On the first point, I am happy to provide some free assistance, but I am more inclined to help those who Donate once in a while!  I don't charge a subscription fee here like several other helps sites.  I ask for the occasional Donation, and some of you have been very good at that!  I thank everyone who has ever donated here; you rock!  Some people may not know that the donations go toward funding the FREE Money we give away here in the form of jPoints.  Look in the Forum for more about that, and get jPoints with the Free Money app at the bottom of the left column on the Main page and by commenting on the Highlighted video on the Videos page.

If you do have a question, please ask!  The best way is to write up a detailed description of what you are trying to do and what you have already done.  If you have written some code or got some from somewhere, include it in the forum discussion.  Also PLEASE put a link to the place where you are trying to implement something or are having a problem with something!  If you follow these two suggestions - describe your situation in detail and link to the page in question - then you'll have a better chance of getting an answer!

Thanks for reading this and thanks for being a member of http://jQueryHelp.ning.com/ 

Best wishes to all!


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Comment by Curtis on November 2, 2011 at 9:25am
Sometimes you have to lose what you got to find what you're missing


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