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YouTubeStars writers

These nice ladies contribute guest blog posts to YouTubeStars.  Read what they…

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Singers in Las Vegas

These ladies sing in clubs around Las Vegas.  I am going to add a picture of them right here!

I am going to use this image in an automatic slider for Ning 2…


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Buffalo Wild WIngs Waitresses

If you go to a certain Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant, you may see these people when you are ready to order some wings or drinks.…


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Blog! 100 jPoints per Post!


2/27/12 EDIT!  Due to the fact that Google decided to cancel my company's Adsense account, we're taking a hit in income.  We hope to find other ways to generate revenue from our cache of websites, but it may take a while.  So at least through the end of March, this "Pay for Blog Posts" program is canceled.  You can still post blogs here but you won't earn jPoints until further notice.  Sorry for the inconvenience, but…


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Fun brainteaser Quizes - I like these, do you?

Here are parts of two fun Question and Answer fun brain teaser quizes.  It will take just one minute to do them. Check it out!   Here are the first few questions with a link to the rest.


Keep the gray matter active  http://emailgems.blogspot.com/2011/10/keep-gray-matter-active.html

1. Johnny's mother had three children. The first child was named April. The…


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Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Promo Videos

The Official Twilight YouTube channel has been releasing several commercial spots for the latest movie in the Twilight series - Breaking Dawn Part One.  In the thumbnail for this video, we see Bella, possibly naked, getting ready to swim.  The movie will hit theaters on 11/18/11.

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How To Get Help Here

Hello my Members and Friends!

The goal of http://jQueryHelp.ning.com/ is to provide some free assistance to our members for some questions about using jQuery on Ning Networks.  Note the two instances of the word "some" in the last sentence!  I am blogging today to address both concepts.

Okay, I will do the second one first.  I can answer some questions but not all.  Why?  Several reasons.  Some are easy…


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Computer Associates (CA) Anti Virus removes Javascript

I have spent the last few nights trying to debug a problem with my parents' new laptop computer.  They got it just 2 months ago and it came with Norton Anti virus software, with one month free virus signature updates.  But they got their broadband from Time Warner Cable - the RoadRunner service.  This came with free CA anti virus security package.  So we uninstalled Norton and installed CA.

Things worked fine for a while.  Then last week, certain buttons and sliders were not…


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Support the Fight against Breast Cancer

Blogaholic Designs”=

This is a graphic I found on Blogaholic Social Network.



Use this code to put this on your…


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Publish Post button - Test blog

Checking the new code that requires tags before the Publish Post button will be enabled to press!

Feel free to add some blogs here and test it out too!



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Add a TAG before you publish your Blog Post!

You will now have to add one or more tags before you can Publish your Blog Post!

Pick a tag from the Drop Down List or type in one of your own.




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Twilight Posters!

'The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn' New Poster Features Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson in Embrace (Photo)

edit@hollywoodreporter.com (THR staff) The first installment in Summit's two-part franchise finale hits theaters Nov. 18. read ...
See all Twilight News here:…

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Twilight News - Keep up with Twilight Current Events!

Hello TwiFans!

If you want to stay TwiSmart and be up to date on all the TwiNews, Visit the NEWS page at TwitterTwilight.com. It has ALL the latest Twilight News from BOTH the Google News feed and the Yahoo News feed. Keep up with all the Twilight Current Events at



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Drop Down Lists in Blog


There is now the ability to choose a pre-defined tag to use as a "Category" for your blog posts.  You can also search on those categories.  Read more about it, and comment on it, here:



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There is a website that shows all the latest Tweets on Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn.  It also has all the latest Twilight News from Google AND Yahoo.  There is also a list of the most recent Official Twilight Videos and a STORE that sells Twilight Posters and Ts.  If you love Twilight, bookmark the site and visit it daily to keep up with everything Twilight!



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Two Vloggers (Video Bloggers) Who LOVE Harry Potter!

Two Vloggers who love Harry Potter

I like blogging. I enjoy recording my opinion on things related to YouTube at this website. I've been doing this for just shy of 5 years now, and its fun for me to go back and read some of my old posts. It gives me insight into what I liked at the time and I can think about whether I still like what I once raved about, or not. Generally I still enjoy the same videos and video makers!

I started blogging shortly after…

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The TWILIGHT Saga - Lessons Learned!

Twilight Saga: Lessons Learned

by Kenny Crane 4/11/11

The Twilight book series was written by Stephenie Meyer and consists of "Twilight", "New Moon", "Elcipse", "Breaking Dawn" and the novella "The Short Second Life…


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Tax time again

Hello friends!

I've been busy doing taxes and other things lately so i haven't been here as much as usual.  I'll be around more often when I get these things completed.  In the meantime, we're testing some Google Ad placement code.  If you see any ads in strange places, possibly covering content, please let me know here: http://jqueryhelp.ning.com/forum/topics/google-ads-inside-content-like



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Commenting on Latest Activity on the Main page - just like on Facebook

Progress report, 5/5/2010

I am now working on this!

It will store older activity items that you can show by clicking a "More" button, just like in Twitter when you want to show older Tweets.

You will be able to comment on any Item, and see other people's comments, just like on Facebook.

I hope to have this working here on jQueryHelp, sometime.... soon!

I have done this, so far:



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Twitter Twilight


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