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I am having tons of ideas TJ, I was in the language editor in Ning and I noticed they have this:


Welcome, %1$s! You are member #%2$s of %3$s. <a %4$s>Invite friends now</a>.


Makes me think, how about when members join a network for the first time a pop up welcome window open up and tell them what member number they that is in count with the number of members on the site, for example if they are the 53rd member, then the message says "Welcome John Doe, you are member number 53, click here to invite your friend"   Anyway that is possible?

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I don't remember seeing anything like that when I've joined a site, i wonder why that is in the Language Editor.  If there was a way to get the member number then it could be displayed in a pop up welcome window I guess.  That data isn't in the Ning API, I just checked: http://developer.ning.com/docs/ningapi/1.0/reference/users.html  But if you see anywhere that shows the member's number, let me know!
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Surely will do.

What a great idea. I am also very interested as to why it has appeared in the language editor.

I just went to check something in the language editor related to the welcome feature yesterday and I just seen that exact string again. Too bad we can't see examples of where this text appears, otherwise3, I'd love to know where this does appear. There are a few of the strings in their that I've yet to discover in real time. For example, sometimes if you visit the members pages on some Ning sites, the text default for the comment icon is comment, but sometimes it is add a comment. In the language editor we will see both instances of this. Also, type in %s %$s or %1$s into the language editor and you will see some strings that references names you can edit that are repeats, but then you get some that are completely not visible. For example, very old help articles and something about Ning ads whatever that is. Hell you can even customize the text for problems with network payment, funny that is in there. Ning language editor is how I found out about using a lot of the features I never knew you could use about ning just by exploring what text can be changed or updated. Here is some more odd strings of text.

You currently have your custom domain %1$s mapped to This IP address will be disabled on March 7th. If your domain is still mapped to after that date, <b>visitors will no longer be able to access your network</b>. To avoid disruption, please update your DNS records immediately. You can visit our <a %2$s>FAQ Page</a> for more information.

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All of those I found just on the first page of the language editor the English US version. Facinating!

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