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I used to have your smilies on my site and accidentally took out the code when I was editing another code. Is there still a code for smilies that works on Ning 2. I tried the one offered (and updated) in another thread and couldn't get it to work. 

I'm assuming from the little fellas below this box that the code still works.

If anyone has a working code, I'd be most grateful.........

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Hi Hugh,

What's the URL of your Ning site?  If it now starts with https instead of the old unsecure http protocol, that may be the issue.  There may be a workaround, depending on if that is the problem.

So if you want, let me know your site's link, either here or via Message, and we'll take it from there.



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Hi TJ, yes, it's now https. I'll drop you a note with the url

Have messaged you.

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