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Hi all!
I've been looking at the developments of the Ning platform lately and am not impressed with the way the company has shifted. It's time for me to officially move on from Ning. I've enjoyed a great few years with Ning however glam aka modes pricing structure and failed promises have left me not trusting the company that bought out Ning some years back.

What Ning used to be, is not what Ning is now. I expect a large number of people will be looking for a way to move their content by January 1st. If you are on Ning 2.0, you can easily download your content using the Ning archiver when ever you like so long as you are the network creator. You can import it into social engine and the nice thing about social engine is that it is a one time cost of $700. That is half a years worth of a Ning 3.0 ultimate subscription and a whole years worth of a Ning pro 2.0 subscription. I'd like to show you where good social engine hosting servers are found, what you can expect to pay and how you can get started using social engine.

The product you want when visiting social engine is social engine php. The latest version is 4.8.9. I've been working diligently with the social engine developers as well as the team over on their github page to improve the product particularly when it comes to a potential mass import of Ning users. If interested, you can check out their Ning discount plans here where you can migrate for cheaper than if you were to buy it outright starting from scratch.

Over on ex creators you can sign up to the forum over there and Troy can help you test social engine for free so you can decide how to set up your community and talk to other people migrating from Ning to other platforms. I chose social engine php because of its ease of use and its wordpress like plugins of which their are many within the marketplace. It is the best alternative to Ning 2.0 out there. Another popular alternative is jamroom though it involves a steep learning curve with lots of coding knowledge and support requests applied before your community can be set up with the ease of use you'd expect to find. To this end, social engine php is the most realistic alternative to the ease of use that ning offers.

I expect every day to be Ning's last, so without further adue, check out host iso and name cheap for your hosting and domain needs which you will need prior to setting up social engine. I have looked around many web server hosting platforms even before this Ning crisis began and found those two to be very satisfactory and are very open to individual customer needs. Their customer support is top of the line as is their service, I haven't had a problem using them yet and I've done so successfully for several months respectively, whatever you need, it is possible. I hope this helps you, lets not let our communities and business go to waste because of a management decision that effects us all in a very dissatisfactory way.

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Hi Elshara, nice to here from you!

Thanks for all that detailed information on Social Engine.  Welcome back to Ning!  I hope it can do what you require.  Wishing you all the best!


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Thank you. :) Truth be told, I have missed everyone especially the friends I made over here for a long time. I hope all is well with you.

I miss what Ning 2.0 has now but all in all, Ning 3 is progressing towards the direction I think is acceptable. I have a ton of things I still wish could be improved, but a lot of things that have been already. Making it worth the connection. As well as the upkeep.

I'm actually still quite impressed you haven't wanted to migrate to Ning 3 from Ning 2 simply because you are perhaps the best well qualified person to know just all that was gold with the service back then. It's such a faded memory, but it's still ever so real to those who lived it and still are. Creators for example, is getting back the energy and vibrancy it lacked for years. But I'm talking back in the days when Scripts4Ning was a thing, and widget labs, and the directory, and Eric Suez. They were fun memorable tokens of just how successful people seemed to be back then. It wasn't talking so much about how to do things, as much as it was how much more can we expand what we've got now? Thanks in part due to the surprises and intuitiveness Ning had as a platform making us always one step seemingly, ahead of anything else around out there.

We had people actually leaving comments full of graphics. Replies that were more than just likes. And smiles all around. Now it seems the most these days people do, is post a couple photos or some other copy pasted thing and leave for two months. Keeping members engaged and hopeful is the key to a happy site. And so when you ask, you generally, shall receive. Proving an exchange of information is the best recipe for wealth a community has to offer. Health, just simply being a byproduct of this success.

I think the best thing you could offer Ning sites right now, is pingomatic integration. Let peoples custom built sites at least get noticed by search engines. Sitemaps as well help keep the site alive. I made a tutorial on how to do this, will post it soon.

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