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move the share links, or Like Button, in Discussions


hi TJ


i always wont to move the share links in Descussions.photos.. etc to make it below descussion header

see images below



so member see sharing before reading the article or the photos as i think as now my member doesn't use sharing because its not viewed well as i think in the below




please advise

my forum link



welcome to my blog http://omgarga.blogspot.com/

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The code looks fine to me.  Are there tags showing, without the code added?  Because on this post, even though the original author added tags (which I see when I edit the discussion) the tags are not showing up.  Not sure if I added code somewhere in my tons of custom code to remove the tags, or if there is a Ning issue with showing tags.

Can you link to a discussion on your site? I'll take a look and see if I see anything there.

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