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Hi friends!

As we try out Ning 3.0 to become familiar with the new platform, Ning has allowed us to have a free sandbox account for 6 months. We are allowed up to 5 members so our partners and admins can work together on the upgrade. But there is no chat feature yet in Ning 3.0 which would be helpful as we are on there with others trying to work together. Even if Ning adds chat into the Ning 3.0 platform, I imagine there will be no IM.

I just ported my popular I-Ming app to Ning 3.0 and you can use it to Instant Message other members on your Ning 3.0 site as you work together to modify your new sites and test things out. The price for the app for the "old" Ning was $150 - but I am deeply discounting it for Ning 3.0.

Here's the deal. For a fee of just $25, you will be able to use the I-Ming IM app on your new Ning 3.0 sandbox account for 6 months. In 6 month's time, I imagine Ning may have chat ready for Ning 3.0 and you can decide to go with Ning chat and/or buy the I-Ming outright for a price that I haven't decided on yet.

If you want to try I-Ming on a Ning 3.0 platform, come chat with me on my new Ning 3.0 site http://jqueryhelp3.ning.com  It looks the same as the I-Ming right here on this site. Most of the elements of the app can be altered with CSS so it will match the style of your site.

Any questions, just ask!

Thanks and best wishes,



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I found out that you don't even need to be approved as a Member to use my IM program.

That may be really helpful for sandbox accounts with their 5 Member cap! People can come by and sign up for your site and you don't need to approve them to chat with them. You can get a little instant feedback from them while they look around, without having to approve them which might put you over your 5 Member cap.

So if you want to try out the IM app, just sign up at my site: http://jQueryHelp3.ning.com and click your own profile icon if no one else is around, and test IM to yourself. You'll have the default profile pic because you don't get the opportunity to upload a profile pic until you are approved on a Ning site, but hover over the icon and it should show your name so you know its you.

Best wishes!



'TJ' is the Owner of jQueryHelp.
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Hey TJ,

I am wondering what the chances are using CSS to customize the new one on Ning 3 that we could style it up and using a fixed/scrolling postion move it to the bottom of the page? How much CSS control do we get, also is their anyway to get it to look and work more like the FB IM?

Greg Smith

Hi Greg,

Good idea about putting my IM at the bottom and have it look and work more like the FB IM.  Right now, you could probably style it with CSS to be fixed at the bottom, but it would need to be a lot more narrow to look like the FB IM and I think that might break some of the internal modules of the IM.

I think a lot of people use the Skysa bar for IMs on their site, have you tried that?  It looks more like the FB IM. 

Idk if I'll do much more customization of my IM app.  It's fairly old now, I think I made it like 5 years ago.  There is brand new technology out there for IMs and Chats called SignalR which I want to play with soon.  If I do make another chat or IM I'll make it more like the FB one which everyone knows.  Right now I'm busy with Custom Search apps for Ning because they left a basic thing like that out of N3 and of course everyone needs Search!

Anyway, thanks for stopping in, good to talk with you again!

Best wishes!


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Would love to have a facebook style one aswell :) Ning sent me to you as I complained that there was no chat... i feel so frustrated with the lack of features!! Is there any you could recommend? I have one installed now but it only holds 25 members and fills up too quickly :( and you have to log in separately to the ning site and not a lot ofpeople understand that. Thanks so much!

Hi Alyce and welcome to our site!  I saw yours, its awesome!

We have 2 separate apps - an IM and a Chat.  The IM is like the one at the top of every page here - it lets you message one person at a time.  The Chat is at http://jqueryhelp.ning.com/page/jqueryhelp-chat and lets any number of people chat, and they can choose their text font and color.  The good thing about both is, you and only you control the data.  You'll have complete logs of all chats and IMs on your site, so you can see whats happening.   Both are Ning aware - no separate sign in, the apps know who you are.

We've sold several of each app, at $150 a piece, but as I was saying to Greg, they are old apps and there is new technology out there that I need to use in a rewrite of these apps.  As far as what others use, I know Skysa is popular, and so is Comet Chat.  I don't think either gives you access to your data though.  That was a Big feature of mine!  NCs needed to know what was being said in Their IM/Chat when they weren't around.  That was very important for some NCs.

On Ning's lack of Features - Oh my Yes!  LoL it is keeping me busy, lately I'm writing Custom Search Apps so people can search their Members or their Forums or Photos, etc.  There is a Google Search widget that some people use, but it's only for Public sites and some complain about the Search Results not being accurate.  So I step in and work with the NC to design the perfect Custom Search for their site.

I also have a "More" button app for Latest Activity - I made it for Ning 2 sites when Ning did not have the More button, but then they finally added it and I don't sell mine anymore.  I'd love to port it to Ning 3 but they will be coming out with their own More button, probably next month, so its not worth it.

I think I am starting to ramble!   Back to work on the custom search apps!  If you need anything special and have a budget for custom apps, let me know.  If I get the IM and Chat apps upgraded, I will let you know!



'TJ' is the Owner of jQueryHelp.
Please Visit http://YouTubeStars.com - Thanks!

Love this, I still think the Ning default 2.0 chat is the best because in part we got asked to help design it and because it integrated pms with public room. But, people can't create or monitor their own chat room and I think before a basic chat becomes apparent, having the ability to simply group chat and pull selected people into a room to chat at once is better than actually having everyone chat at once, though this could be set up if interested.

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