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Hello, my friends! :)

This site is mainly about techy stuff, but we can discuss other things too!

I LOVE music, of all kinds!

What are YOU listening to, lately? Please reply with one or more of your favorite songs. I'll check out some or all of your suggestions!

It would be EVEN BETTER if you can include a link to the song/video on YouTube. Seems like almost every song ever recorded is on there! If it isn't, try to post a link to wherever it might be, so we can listen to what you are suggesting.

Also, could you all add some text as well as the videos, so the search engines can find these posts?  Tell us who is in the video and why you like the video.  That would be cool and we would learn more about what your tastes are in music.

Best wishes!


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Thanks Dave, she has a very nice voice and the music is pretty cool!

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Here is my newest one Tj, enjoy!


Like a droplet, that is simply falling.. a flake of snow, or dust that is blowing. A window pane, that is stuck, wide open.. and a crow that is simply cawing, upon the seal of the window opened.

Thanks Tj, I think she's cool as well  I also think you adding this discussion is pretty Cool, i have found some nice Music here that people have shared and it's god to here other music that people love "Keep It Coming" 

' It's a Wonderful World '

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