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Hi Tj and other code superstars here.

I have a download center on my network. I'd like to have a code that can enable the file links to record and display the number of times each file has been downloaded. I have seen this on many websites that have a download center.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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Hi Denis,

Any code that would record and display data for each link would have to store and retrieve that data from an external database.  I am an expert at making apps for Ning that use a database.   Most of my apps on here do that.  I make custom apps starting at $400.  If that's in your budget, let's talk further.



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Hi TJ,

Thanks for the response. I thought it was an easy thing to do. But from the budget I guess it is not that easy. It will be hard for me to invest $400 at this time. Thanks still.

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