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Hello Jquery helpers here,

The first project I want to tackle for my network this year is to design a landing page for my network. My network targets people whose first language is not English. Many of them have problems finding content when they join. I think a simple introductory page pointing them to the things they frequently want would be a good thing. Being a design illiterate, it's hard to put things together. I have tons of questions to ask some of which you might think are stupid.

I have looked at the discussion on Creators about this issue but it is based more on how to set it up on the network. My worry first is on getting the right resources to design a good looking landing page.

So here are some of my questions:

1. An intro page / A splash page / A landing page. Do they all mean the same thing?

2. What's the best program to use in designing one? Photoshop? Dreamweaver? Publisher?

3. Do I have to know how to edit css / html files to design a landing page?

4. Are there any links to some free or low-priced pre-designed editable landing pages? I tried to look around myself but most were either too costly or hard to use.

5. Is a landing page search engine friendly? I read somewhere online that search engines don't like landing pages.

Thank you in advance for any useful ideas you have dear friends

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Hi Denis!

Here's my thoughts....

1. Basically the same.  Splash pages usually have some fancy graphic or animation and not much else.  But they are all a first page that a person sees when they come to your site.

2. I don't know which is best; I use an environment for coders.

3. There are some drag and drop web page designers I believe, that don't require coding.

4. Not sure.

5. I think Search Engines are mainly interested in pages with a lot of content that is updated frequently.  If you had a page that shows a few latest items from your site, that might work.  What exactly do you want your intro page to look like and display?  A small page that needs little or no scrolling with just a few modules and minimal text with helpful graphics might work.

Let's see what others have to say!

Best wishes


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Thank you Tj for your answers. I went to a website like wix. They offer some great pages with the drag and drop function you mentioned but they require you to have a website with them and what I hate the most is that they only allow you to link the page you design to your own domain name if you are in for one of their monthly packages. I am struggling with Windows Publisher. I just want a very simple landing page with summaries of the best things my network offers since I don't know how to design those cool graphics.

Volunteer to help English learners
at www.myeeonline.com
All you have to do is chat with them.

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