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[See App info Below] The only thing I really need for my network is notifications when someone posts on a members comment wall.  Posts get lost forever if a member doesnt actually go and look at their comment wall.  Ning has no plans for this on their roadmap. Doesnt seem like it should be too hard to come up with some code for this.  The notification can be completely independent of the "My Comment Wall" link in the users sign-in box.  Maybe something added to the ning bar. I dont care how it is implemented, I just need it to spur interaction on my network.  Members are able to receive emails when they receive a new comment wall post......so there must be a way to tie this into a network notification.  What do you think TJ?


Great idea, Maxx! As you know, I have now built this app. There is a one-time fee to use it - $50. We use PayPal to receive payments. Either "Send Money" to pay@bkserv.com or click the Donate button on our Main/Home page.  Once you have made the payment, MESSAGE ME WITH THE URL OF YOUR NING NETWORK, and THEN ADD THIS CODE to your Custom Code (also called Analytics) box:


<script type="text/javascript" src="http://www.bkserv4.net/MSSS/js/Notify1B2.js"></script>



Simply adding this code to your custom code box will do nothing.  I have to turn on the app for you at my end.  So don't add this code unless you have bought the app.  It is not a free app and adding this code will not work unless I turn it on!


IF YOU DON'T ALREADY HAVE THIS in your custom code box, you'll also need this piece of code to turn the "Alerts" link in the Account Module to "Mt Comment Wall" as you see here on this site in the upper right of the page:

<script type="text/javascript">

// Change text and link for Alerts link in Account Module:
x$("a.xg_sprite-alert").attr("href", "http://"+top.location.host+"/profiles/comment/list?attachedToType=User&attachedTo=" + ning.CurrentProfile.id).html("My Comment Wall");

Any questions or comments, leave them in this discussion.  THANKS!


P.S.  10/15/12 - Working on more Notifications, see Notifications box in Right Column.

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Awesome, I've done so. Nice little addition. :)

I sent you a message on creators as well.

TJ @ jQueryHelp said:

Yep just stick the 2 in there after the 1B   But the only new thing in there is the ability to not show a 0 count after the My Comment Wall link.

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Damien Hannah

Thanks J!!!


First person who asks will get a free version of the I-Ming IM app for their Ning 3.0 sandbox for 6 months,

IF you have purchased this Comment Wall Notification app AND have a Ning 3.0 Sandbox.

Good Luck!


Read more about I-Ming for Ning 3.0 HERE: http://jqueryhelp.ning.com/forum/topics/im-app-to-chat-with-your-ad...

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You know this could be tied into the last visited app this way if the last visited app records the pages members simply were at last, then if a new comment was made, that would be a good way to build up custom activity items that way if notifications do appear on other parts of the network, taking the profile activity feed and perhaps maybe friends activity feeds and putting them into relative displays may just be able to set notifications propper so it encourages people to add more people as a friend this way everyone gets notified of what is going on per friends list.

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