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[See App info Below] The only thing I really need for my network is notifications when someone posts on a members comment wall.  Posts get lost forever if a member doesnt actually go and look at their comment wall.  Ning has no plans for this on their roadmap. Doesnt seem like it should be too hard to come up with some code for this.  The notification can be completely independent of the "My Comment Wall" link in the users sign-in box.  Maybe something added to the ning bar. I dont care how it is implemented, I just need it to spur interaction on my network.  Members are able to receive emails when they receive a new comment wall post......so there must be a way to tie this into a network notification.  What do you think TJ?


Great idea, Maxx! As you know, I have now built this app. There is a one-time fee to use it - $50. We use PayPal to receive payments. Either "Send Money" to pay@bkserv.com or click the Donate button on our Main/Home page.  Once you have made the payment, MESSAGE ME WITH THE URL OF YOUR NING NETWORK, and THEN ADD THIS CODE to your Custom Code (also called Analytics) box:


<script type="text/javascript" src="http://www.bkserv4.net/MSSS/js/Notify1B2.js"></script>



Simply adding this code to your custom code box will do nothing.  I have to turn on the app for you at my end.  So don't add this code unless you have bought the app.  It is not a free app and adding this code will not work unless I turn it on!


IF YOU DON'T ALREADY HAVE THIS in your custom code box, you'll also need this piece of code to turn the "Alerts" link in the Account Module to "Mt Comment Wall" as you see here on this site in the upper right of the page:

<script type="text/javascript">

// Change text and link for Alerts link in Account Module:
x$("a.xg_sprite-alert").attr("href", "http://"+top.location.host+"/profiles/comment/list?attachedToType=User&attachedTo=" + ning.CurrentProfile.id).html("My Comment Wall");

Any questions or comments, leave them in this discussion.  THANKS!


P.S.  10/15/12 - Working on more Notifications, see Notifications box in Right Column.

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Hi Maxx,

Yeah, I think a lot of NCs would like to have this!  It would require an external database, like several of my other apps.  I have a good idea of how to do this.  It won't have anything to do with how Ning notifies people via email.  This would be entirely separate and served from an external server. 

It would record the last date/time a comment was left on anyone's comment wall.  There could be an indicator of a new comment on the Ning Bar, or elsewhere.  If a member clicks the notification indicator, the app would take them to their profile page, or their My Comment Wall page, and remove the indicator, until a new comment is left on their page.  I could also remove that indicator if the member navigated to their My Comment Wall page any other way, and possibly if they visited their profile page too.

Is that about how you imagine this working?  What would your budget be to have an app like this on your site?  You can reply to that last question in a message to me.  But this sounds like an interesting and doable project.

Thanks and best wishes!


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Yes, that sounds exactly like what i need!  Budget?  I have no idea. Inbox me what you were thinking....hopefully others will chime in!

@Maxx, i will back you up if this notification include everything, i mean blog, forum, video, photos comments too.

With a comment wall notification, it's simpler to implement because you know who to notify - the person who's profile page is getting the comment.  With comments on other content, we could notify the original poster, and maybe everyone else who has commented.  That's much more complex.  We would have possibly a list of links for each person to where the latest activity took place so they can go view it.  Great idea and very helpful for a member so they can jump right to the latest content they have participated in.  Just a much harder app to build.

Soooo, if i do this, first cut will be notification somewhere in the account module so it is seen on every page of a new comment on a member's comment wall.  Prolly have some icon right next to where I currently have the link to "My Cooment Wall"

But keep the suggestions and thoughts coming.  All are welcome to provide ideas and feedback.  Every reply is helpful.  Thanks to Maxx and Mat so far.


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This is much needed! Thumbs up! Ning is lame!

would love this

Hi friends!

I plan to finish a fairly big job this week, and then may have time to look into this next week. 

Question - how often do you think the code should check for a new comment?  I suggest maybe we check every time a person goes to a new page on the site, then in addition, once every 2 minutes once they are on a page, for a max of 30 times (so for an hour while a person is on a page).  Have that max in there in case a person walks away from their computer a while, it won't keep checking.  Or we can switch after an hour to checking once an hour after that.

On the fee, if we could get 10 NCs interested in paying $50 each, that should cover it.  If we get 20 interested, I'd lower it a little, and so on.  But my custom apps like this start at $500, that's what I need for my time and server fees.

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I'm working on this app now.

You should see the number of Comments that have been left on your Comment Wall since the last time you visited your comment wall, to the right of the "My Comment Wall" link in your account module in hte upper right of every page. 

Please provide your feedback, comments and questions here.



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It would be awesome if you create a page for notification as well, just like facebook, so when ever members clicks "see all notifications" they will go there and see all there notifications. http://www.bigblueball.com/forums/attachments/bug-reports/1457d1236...

Hey Mat, thanks for the link.

I have what Maxx asked for done and working now.  It shows the number of comments on your Comment Wall since the last time you visited your profile.  It should reset to 0 once you visit your profile, because it assumes you read those new comments when you get there.   It should also reset to 0 when your My Comment Wall page, but doesn't right now.  I'll try to fix that!

Like I said above, notifications of all kinds of other things make this a more complex app.  Not sure yet if I'll have time to add features to this or not.  Let's see who steps up and supports this by buying it for the low low one-time price of $50

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@tj its been awhile since ive been on here...is there a example i can check out.?im very interested in this


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