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Automatic Slider App for Ning 3 - Easily add/edit a slider!

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Ning Slider 3.0! - Integrated Slider or Ad Rotation App for Ning 3.0 Networks! Create a beautiful responsive slider with a few clicks. Once installed, no more coding, just "Feature Blog Posts"!  It takes minutes to update slider! It really is that simple. Your Slider can be placed anywhere on your site, and modified to any size.

You can even add other internal links or external links for slides to access, using the slider as an Ad rotation app.

Several sold already.  Get YOURS Today! Thanks!

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Loving my new slider. I give up using my old one as adding slides via code was a drag, this could not be easier :) would recommend it to anyone. Great work Ning Powerteam! see mine in action here

Hi Jamie!

I'm glad our new slider app is working well for you.  It looks awesome on your cool site!

Thanks so much for leaving feedback here.  Wishing you and your site all the best!


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Love it!  Its so easy to update and looks great!

See it on the right: http://network.girlriders.net/

Thank you again TJ and Jen!

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