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Here is something new I just found. Click on your dashboard, scroll down to the bottom below the network chat, under that you will see a live chat option to contact Ning directly. If you click on it, you, will automatically be chatting with someone over there! Neat!

I thought I would post since they did not tell us they came out with that. I discovered it awhile ago so I thought I would share.

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Interesting!  I have a Plus plan and the last thing in my Dashboard menu is Support; I don't see any Live Chat Option so either I can't find it or its only for Pro plan people.  What plan do you have?

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This link may only show when they happen to be online, I have a pro network, have from the beginning, and I have never seen a "live chat" option. I have just now, searched intensively for this link, and I don't see it.

Would be great though, it could be something coming in the 2013 updates, they may have done a short live test, which you happened to be online for?

Who knows, maybe it's for VIP members? What account do you pay for Elshara?

by the way, I use CometChat, not Ning Chat, so that could very well be the only reason I don't see that link, as in my dashboard there is no network chat showing. Ning chat is disabled.

By the way, CometChat is THE BEST chat system available for Ning networks. I pay for their highest option, I teach my members via screensharing, video chat, etc. My members can work on documents together in real time, it's truly quite epic.
Highly Recommended... TJ, you should consider! :)

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